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How we verify property services at The property marketplace

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If you are a property service, you can join The Property Marketplace as a private landlord, letting agency, estate agency, property auction, home building company or a social housing association.

To verify these property services and make sure they are still active and trading we:

  1. Refer to company house business registration details to make sure the business is still active and not dormant or dissolved. We also show the URL of the business details at the company house website.

  2. Verify whether registration email is a company email and it matches the domain name of the business website.

  3. Verify if the company phone is working and calls are answered.

  4. Verify whether the business has memberships from professional bodies like RICS and ARLA.

  5. Verify whether the business has reviews and recommendations, such as Google or trustpilot reviews.

  6. Verify whether the business has listed properties in well-known property marketplaces, such as Zoopla or Rightmove.