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The new company helps you save money on your energy bills

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no img was set up, two years ago, by two Winchester neighbours to help UK homeowners save money on your energy bills. Alex Perrin and Graham Barrett launched started the company following a discussion around Alex’s kitchen table.Since then has grown into a unique and highly regarded business.

Alex and Graham have company offices in the Winchester, and outsource work using locally based businesses. helps home owners reduce their energy bills with minimum fuss…and without the hassle of switching provider.

The two business partners discovered that nearly 80 per cent of people would rather get a better deal with their current provider rather than switch energy company, ismybillfair is unique in the market place in that they can help customers achieve that money-saving goal without switching and with no stress to you, the customer.

ismybillfair director, Alex Perrin, said: “Whenever there is a story about an energy supplier upping prices, the immediate reaction is ‘you should all switch’. But why should you? Nobody really wants to switch they just want to get a fair deal.”

“We can show you an immediate saving from your existing provider, and you can sign up instantly to save money there and then.”

And with ismybillfair already in partnership with major energy companies such as British Gas, E.ON, SEE and Shell Energy, getting a better deal and reducing your energy bill has never been easier.

So far, they helped 627,708 billpayers save £40,782,189