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New mortgage pre-approval software launched by the Northern Irish property portal, PropertyPal Mortgages

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PropertyPal Mortgages has partnered with eKeeper to launch its own mortgage pre-approval application.

PropertyPal Mortgages has incorporated technology from both eKeeper and Experian, which it says will significantly speed up the initial stages of the mortgage application process.

eKeeper launched integrated anti-money laundering and consumer credit reports, both powered by Experian, into its broker CRM in March of this year.

Within minutes, PropertyPal Mortgages can now complete an ID check, credit check, affordability and eligibility checks across multiple lenders, leaving only a soft footprint on the credit check.

Owen Peden, managing director of PropertyPal Mortgages, commented: “We wanted to build software that would allow users to accurately establish how much they could borrow and at what loan to value band they will likely be accepted for a mortgage. Now we can essentially obtain a very accurate indication of pre-approval across multiple lenders within minutes.

“This information is invaluable to help the user establish a suitable price range and indicate the deposit required to meet the lender’s scorecard requirements. This also means that, with the user’s consent, when submitting a property enquiry, we can indicate to the selling agent that the user has been pre-approved for a mortgage relative to the price of the property they are enquiring about.”