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Requesting a property or accommodation at Woopla Property Marketplace

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Anyone can request a property, accommodation or work space at Woopla Property Marketplace,

Using the property request form, you have to choose whether it's a residential or commercial request.

For residential properties, you can can request flat/house share, houses or villas, flats or apartments, studios, maisonettes, bungalows or cottages.

As for commercial properties, you can request private offices, co-working space, virtual addresses, retail shops, popup spaces, commercial or industrial units, leisure or hospitality venues, creative studios or land.

Before you submit the form, you have to select the target location and request type ( renting or buying).

Once you create your property request you can add more details about target city and area; summary of you requirements; and when you need the property.

If you are after a flat or house share, you can request to buddy up with other like-minded flat mates to find and start a new flat/house share.